Killarney Franciscan Friary


Our Name

The Franciscan Friary is just up the street from our restaurant and it has been a landmark in the town of Killarney since its construction in the early 1860’s. However the Franciscans that originally arrived in Killarney in 1860 were Belgian Friars. The Belgian Franciscan Provincial that agreed to send some friars to Ireland was Fr. Archangelus Vendricks thus we decided to name our restaurant after this visionary friar and we actually opened our restaurant on the 7th of December 2017 – The 150th Anniversary of the Opening of the Friary in Killarney

What we do

Our ethos is to freshly prepare homemade meals with locally sourced ingredients. We serve a variety of Meat and Fish Dishes that have an Irish influence.

Very quickly we have become known as one of the Best Restaurants in Killarney, serving Lunch, Dinner and a large variety of our own home made Tapas. Even though we can cater for large groups the interior design & layout of Vendricks also allows us to create many intimate spaces – making us one of the most Romantic Restaurants in Killarney.

Killarney Restaurants cater for a wide variety and tastes and styles. We like to think of ourselves as a Contemporary Irish Restaurant that stands out amongst the Restaurants in Killarney. We hope yo think so too!